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Content is King !!

gearBoB is india’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content creation, distribution and optimisation network.  If you have interesting video / audio and Image content, we also do interesting multimedia releases. This is ideal for your marketing initiatives as your audiences can view digital video, listen to sound bites, view and download photos, download documents, and share what they find with friends and colleagues with the click of a button. Guaranteed click throughts to your MNR page through the use of audience based targeted websites.

gearBoB will deliver your content in a multimedia format, merging video/audio, text, logos, photos and related documents  into a dynamic HTML 5 platform. HTML5 makes the MNR fully compatible on all SmartPhones, Tablets, specifically Apple devices such as iPhones & iPadDistribution includes an India portal distribution, Online Visibility Package and an Online Video Distribution (OVD).

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How our Audience Targeting works?
Audience Targeting means focusing more on who the visitors are of a website, rather than on the topic of the website itself. For example, if you browse a lot of websites about cars, look at videos of new models and sign up for automotive news, a cookie could be placed on your browser. This cookie only contains anonymous information saying you are Interested in cars, no personal data.  Later on, when you browse around the web and go to a different website which is not about cars, the cookie will follow you and let us know you are part of an automotive interested audience.  By using cookie data, we can target many audiences not only on websites about specific topics but anywhere on the web. This increases the reach massively and makes it much easier to find the right people for a campaign. Audience Data is provided by publishers, networks and third party data sources, working to make campaigns more effective and targeted. Any consumer can today opt-out of cookie based audience targeting based on well adopted and accepted frameworks in the industry.

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